Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Leeds + bands + booze = bananas

Live at Leeds was superb. The first band i went to see were the Wild Beasts at the surprisingly venue Josephs Well at the even more surprising time of 3pm. Considering they have played the main stage at the O2 Wireless. I'm not complaining. They were superb, and what is so encouraging was that there new material was the most impressive part of their show. A sort of Taking Heads tribal rhythmic beat twinned with demented choirboy vocals. Super.

Alessis Ark at the picturesque Holy Trinity Church was next. Arriving roughly ten minutes late, shuffling to the front of the venue was uncomfortable, but turned out to be was well worth the rosy cheeks, a breathtaking performance with a real emotion and highly original vocal display and the quality of the song writing for a girl who is so bloody young is absolutely cool.

Then a short trudge down the greasy stairs to the Cockpit for Slow Club. They were on top, top form. A performance which seemed to have extra intensity than usual, gusto if you will. It was in the main room of the Cockpit in front of roughly 1000 people so I suppose if they didn't have that extra bit of bite there would be something quite wrong. Trophy Room and the sing-a-long Because Your Dead were the highlights. Twee uplifting songs that just make you feel good about yourself. Why not?

The legendary Brudenell Social Club for Mumford and Sons next and finally. Living in London really does make you think your the Sultan of Brunei when you travel back up the M1. Red Stripe £1.99 a can. Yes. Please. I bought a round and didn't feel pissed off probably for the first time in my life! Anyway, Mumford had cancelled on me twice before but i feel that only concentrated the experience for me. It was sensational, the best band of the day, yeah the hype and the anticipation did heighten the experience, but so what! I have been waiting roughly a year to hear the live treasures of Little Lion Man and White Blank page and i was delighted when i heard the eventual results. I was contemplating just before they came on that maybe my memory had filled in little pieces of the last show, kidding myself that they were that amazing. But they WERE fucking amazing. They crowd was nuttier than squirrel shit also, which helped.

After that colossal performance I went to the Faversham, drank lots, got left on my own, remembered how good Interpol were, then eventually went to bed.